Routine Check ups

Great oral hygiene is not only an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile and keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible, it also helps to avoid the pain and expense of dental treatments.

Dental Hygiene 

Regular visits to our dental hygienist will ensure that hidden and difficult to reach plaque and tartar is removed from your teeth killing mouth bacteria and in some cases removing surface stains to leave you with a fresher, brighter and all-round healthier mouth.

Dental Implants

Used to replace missing teeth. Providing you are fit, well and look after your implant it should last a very long time.

Dental Fillings

In order to maintain oral health, and prevent further dental concerns, broken teeth should be repaired as soon as an issue has been detected, and any missing teeth restored at the earliest opportunity.

Dentures, Crowns, Bridge & Veneers

If you're living with a missing tooth but want something more permanent than dentures or a bridge, you might want to consider a dental implant for a safe, secure and long-lasting solution to missing teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Tea, coffee, or a fine glass of red wine can really take their toll on the colour of your teeth. Fortunately teeth whitening procedures can quickly repair much of the damage that has been done. 

Emergency Dentistry

When you ring us, we will be able to book you an appointment, discuss your symptoms and offer advice on how best to manage your pain.

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